Street Appeal? Check.
        Privacy? Check.

This home, designed by Davis Architects had me wanting to know more the second I laid eyes on it. Why? I have no idea. Is this want I want my dream home to look like? Probably not.

So. What does my dream home look like? Truth be told, I (we even) have no idea!

We know this project is like no investment renovation or build project we’ve ever done. We know what we like and we know what we don’t like. We know the basics of what we need and we know how much we roughly want to spend but where do we go from here.

Renovating or building a home is a pretty emotional thing for most of us. Have we chosen the right architect? Is it going to look how we pictured it in our mind? Will we still love it in 5, 10, 20 years time? Is our builder going to do a great job? You get where I’m going with this.

Our dream home is not only our most private, sacred space. For us, and for most it’s probably going to be the biggest investment we’ve ever made.

So if you’re at the point where you’re ready to talk to an architect (which we almost are) it’s likely that you’ve been thinking about what you want your dream home to look like for some time now – what shape will it take, what kind of materials will you use, what will the general layout be…

Most of us aren’t really aware at this point of how little we know though – both about practical issues, and about good house design.

We know what we like (e.g. polished concrete floors) and what we need (e.g. four bedrooms), but there’s a yawning gap between identifying these things and actually implementing them into a beautiful, practical, appropriate and efficient house.

And that’s where finding a professional who knows their trade (and who’s style you absolutely love) comes in.

We’ll keep you posted on what we uncover in our own search but if you’ve been down this path before and have any handy tips, we’re all ears!

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