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A life well lived for Tom + Dianne as they retire from Canberra to the Gold Coast

Tom and Dianne have spent their years building a successful and significant financial planning business in the nations capital. They were looking to relocate from Canberra to the Gold Coast to enjoy their later years in life surrounded by the love and laughter of their children and grand babies. 

Although they had a very clear picture in mind of the home they wanted, they knew the value of getting professional advice and so they came to us. We were able to give them guidance on values, locations, amenities and of course when crunch time came, access to off market opportunities and a solid strategy to secure their chosen property.

Most good properties are snapped up well before they hit the market – this was no exception. As we stepped inside this property for the first time (at a private viewing) it was instantly clear that this home was exactly what Tom and Dianne had in mind for their retirement years. 

Poker faces on, it was time for Tony to swiftly get to work and secure the property before it went to open market. We promptly valued the home and made offer purchasing well within Tom and Dianne’s $2 million budget. (Who said you have to spend every last cent in your budget to get what you want?)


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