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Four things you don’t know about selling your house

Thinking about making a move? We’re here to get you started with four things you don’t know (but soon will) about selling your house.


We are – very happily and humbly – spectacular at what we do. But there’s a reason for that … we’ve worked hard to get where we are!

Like the surgeon that’s studied for almost a decade before they even pick up a scalpel, we’ve been carefully amassing our wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise for over 20 years.

(Yeah, don’t do the math – we maintain that our age will eternally be 25.)

Which is all to say … you don’t know what you don’t know, and you won’t know what you didn’t know until it’s too late.

You wouldn’t expect to stroll into an operating theatre and know how to save somebody’s life (unless, of course, you’re the aforementioned surgeon), so why should you be expected to know everything there is about selling your house – easy, you wouldn’t!

Which is where we come in!

We truly believe you deserve an empowered selling experience – not a frustrating one. And elevating your property sales knowledge means increasing your chances of attracting a premium price with zero stress and no cheesy sales tactics.

But navigating the property world alone is tricky. So we’re here to get you started with four things you don’t know (but soon will) about selling your house.

01 # Property and the property market is (really) complex

Vulnerability has its place. But keep your heart out of the negotiation.

Even without the intricate negotiation skills needed to successfully navigate a profitable house sale, there are so many unknown variables to consider before you turn that “For Sale” sign into “Sold”.

For example, did you know …

That you don’t have to sell on auction day? Seriously! There are many options for negotiating with buyers before and post auction to ensure you get the best result.

That a property’s sale price isn’t set by the seller? Sure, you’ll be the one making the final decision as to what the house sells for. But the market, prevailing conditions, location, condition and size of your home is actually what determines the sale price. And for a sale to be successful, you don’t want there to be too much of a difference between the initial asking price and the final selling price, which is why pricing your home right from the outset is an integral part of getting a premium result.

Sure, you might have sold a house before, or maybe you have a friend that has just started selling real estate. But that’s almost like expecting to be able to perform brain surgery because a mate watched Grey’s Anatomy once.

Selling your house is one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever make, and it can make or break you financially.

Which brings us to our next point …

02 # You need a pro in your corner

And by ‘pro’, we mean pro. Spoiler alert: You can become a real estate agent in just seven days by completing a simple online course. Then that’s it, you’re off giving people property advice.

We don’t know about you, but it took us a lot longer than seven days to figure out how to install the latest iPhone software, let alone master the complexities of property and the property market. Add our Gold Coast niche and Tony’s experience as a qualified valuer to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a proper subject matter expert.

03 .: There’s a difference between property advice and qualified property advice.

Property advice is like a pair of flip flops at the beach – everyone has a set. Don’t believe us? Just utter the words, “I’m selling my home” then sit back and wait for the opinions to roll in like waves.

“You should do xyz,” your aunt will tell you.
“Make sure you try zyx,” your friend will insist.
“You’re definitely going to need yzx,” Your dad will declare.

… And most of the time the opinions (all of which are based on personal experience) will conflict.

So as much as we love your dad (he’s a champ), we’re going to suggest sticking to qualified property advice from an expert. They’ll intimately know your market, the nuances at play within it, have seen hundreds of different variables play out and can provide guidance based on your unique circumstances and desired outcomes.

04 .: Marketing matters.

A good sales campaign is a lot like a treasure-hunting dip in the ocean.

Done well, there’ll be smooth sailing and bountiful treasure.

But what many people don’t realise is that there are sharks and jellyfish that can undo a good sales campaign … but you can’t see them until you’ve already dived in.

One of these dangerous profit-eating critters is failing to invest enough in your marketing campaign. An ad on alone is $1,800. And to sell your home, you’re going to need eyeballs on your property. Which means marketing!

But not all marketing is made equal. You’ll need to invest in the right things at the right time, which is tricky but achievable.

Bonus secret: It is absolutely possible to have a stress-free and profitable property sales experience.

Want to know how?

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