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From humble beginnings to QLD Buyers Agent of the Year


from humble beginnings to qld buyers agent of the year


I wasn’t sure how long it would take to become an award winning buyers agent, but here we are…

I’m a country boy, born and raised in Toowoomba.

My parents were always in business – multiple. Mum and Dad instilled that entrepreneurial spirit in me from a very young age and even though I had a great childhood, nothing was ever given to me. My Dad has a saying – if you need a hand look down your arm, so I had to work hard for everything.

I study Business and Property straight out of school at the University of Queensland (UQ) and loved every minute of it.

I was always a keen investor and bought my first house at the age of 23, in Sherwood in Brisbane. A renovator, that I worked on myself while working 3 jobs to pay the mortgage off. 4 years later I bought my next renovator, the house next door, before moving to the Gold Coast and purchasing another renovation project in Southport. I then purchased a house in Parkwood and renovated it before purchasing my first waterfront at the age of 29.

I didn’t always do all of the work myself of course – I’m a valuer, not a tradie, but I do have a keen eye for design and have successfully completed a number of renovation projects.

Eva and I met back in 2007 and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We’ve traveled the world and our own backyard here in Australia. We’ve bought, sold, and renovated more properties together than we can count. We’ve had some great times and we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. We have an adventurous (read cheeky but very well-behaved) son, Myles, who is now 8 and a beautiful girl Finn is now 5.

We’ve worked so hard the past 12 years to structure our business activity around our lifestyle and it’s something that we really, really encourage everyone to do. After all, we work to live, we don’t live to work.

It’s taken us a long time to really understand that financial freedom is what you make it and it doesn’t have to be just a dream.

The Back-story

We started our property advisory firm in 2010 and back then we called it Value for Money Property. I took the plunge and quit my job working for the man (and the big banks as a valuer) and Eva stayed in the corporate world for a few years longer while we really got the business off the ground.

I still remember the day so vividly that our first client came on board. We went out for dinner and celebrated. From there we continued to celebrate each little milestone within our business – securing a property for our first client, launching our first website, hiring our first team member, incorporating our company (we were legit and I tell you what it felt awesome!), being named a finalist in the first ever industry awards we entered in to (I’ve been a finalist for this award 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020) and I could go on.

To this day, we still celebrate every milestone in our business, not necessarily with dinner at our favourite restaurant, but we love a good high five from the whole office when we secure that perfect home for a client (take a peek at the kind of results we’re getting).

We know how important it is to be grateful for all of the opportunities we have and acknowledge our achievements along the way.

Maybe it’s that I know just how hard our little team works behind the scenes to get the best results for our clients. Maybe it’s that I know just how many dodgy operators, property spruikers + ‘investment specialists’ there are in this industry… BUT it’s moments like these that make me so grateful for all of the wonderful people I get to work with on a daily basis.

Winning Buyers Agent of the Year on the weekend wasn’t an overnight achievement, I’ve had my sights set on winning this award for past 4 years.

You will never hear me refer to what I do as a ‘job’. To me, it’s just another rewarding part of my life where I’m able to do what I love day in day out while genuinely helping others achieve their dreams and succeed in property. To be recognised by my industry peers as an award winning buyers agent for my commitment and hard work is really the icing on the cake for me.


“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the amazing clients that put their trust in me and afford me the opportunity to do what I do best. They really make every day THE dream!”

“To all the selling agents who share such a great respect for the professionalism of the industry, it’s always a pleasure working with them and I thank them also for their continued relationships.”

“The reliable trades and service professionals, who are an integral part of the framework that supports our business. The property spruikers and dodgy agents (yes! even them), because without them I wouldn’t have anyone to protect our clients against.”

“And last, but certainly not least. Our family, friends and team, who have unequivocally supported me and this business we are so passionate about this past 8 years. You know who you all are and I thank you so much for supporting Eva and I!”

“Of course our industry bodies, like the REIQ that make awards like this possible and continue to lobby for higher standards and greater regulation in the property industry. As independent Buyers Agents become just as prevalent in QLD as they are in southern states was great to see wider recognition this year from the sectors industry body, with the introduction of a Buyers Agency category in the awards for excellence of which we were also named as a finalist for our property advisory firm – Gold Coast Property Advisors.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so humbled and grateful. It’s going to be another big exciting year for us!”

✌🏼 TC


Here’s a little clip we made that dives into what it means to us to be helping people make big decisions for their life + livelihood.

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