How we saved $100k + using a professional at auction


Case Study

Every now then we are called to help a client buy a property that they have already identified and generally it’s when Auctions are involved.

Simon and Kelly were running the school taxi service 5 times a day for their children from Hope Island into Southport and felt it was time to move closer to the school. The prestigious TSS precinct is a very tightly held pocket in Southport and given this property was a stones throw from the school and had river views, come auction day the competition was going to be fierce. 

Simon was certain that he wanted Tony’s representation at auction but Kelly was skeptical and thought they would be fine bidding on their own. Fortunately for them our service came highly recommended and they made the decision just 48 hours before the auction to insulate themselves from the process. 

With a budget (and estimated price range) well in excess of where the hammer fell. Hotly contested and Tony still managed to secure it under the hammer for just $1.3 million. 👊🏼🙌🏼 And this is why it pays to have a professional in your corner when it's time to get to the pointy end of business - in this case our clients haven't just secured the property of their dreams, they've saved well into the 6 figures (which more than covers our fee for service).

Anybody can put their hand up and win an auction if their pockets are deep enough, right? The key to paying the lowest possible price is knowing what it’s worth without the emotional heat an auction can bring and being strategic in your approach.

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