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Buying Sight Un-seen


buying sight un-seen


Trust is such a big thing when it comes to working with our clients – especially when they are overseas and they are planning on purchasing their future home SIGHT UNSEEN?!

That’s right, at least once a month we go back and forth with a client either interstate or overseas, refining their brief, working through what’s important to them, shaping what the ideal home looks like to their family and helping them decide on the ultimate location.

We’ll then inspect a spate of properties, taking loads of video and commentary and even video’s of the neighbourhood so that our clients can get the lay of the land (not just what they may have briefly seen on holidays years ago) and make an informed decision.

Hand on our hearts we haven’t had a single client NOT like the property we helped them buy, it’s always “OMG it’s way better in real life”, “this home is perfect for us, beyond our imagination” AND you get the drift.

While it may seem crazy, what’s crazier in our minds is flying into where you are relocating to for a couple of weekends and trying to find and negotiate on a property ALL. BY. YOURSELF.

It’s why selling agents love out-of-towners. No real knowledge of the market. No clue what a property’s worth. No idea how the purchasing process works in QLD. And a mindset of let’s- just-get-it-done already.

Could you do it? Could you buy a home or investment property sight unseen? Or would you give it a crack yourself and HOPE for the best?

Alex did the former, based between Melbourne and Hong Kong, he one day aspires to settle his family on the Gold Coast so he partnered with us to find him both a good returning investment in the short term and an ideal home for him and his family when they do make the move one day.

We found him and secured this stunning cottage, with nothing left to do on it, in a quiet leafy street in the heart of Chirn Park. Thanks again for putting your trust in us Alex, we really do have the best job in the world! 

Getting it right in the property market is just one small part of the puzzle and we’re here if you need a helping hand. Contact us on 07 5577 4400 or 0413 081 518 today, for property advice specific to the Gold Coast.

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