90% of houses don't sell. Here's why.

90% of houses that hit the market don’t sell. Massive right?!

But there’s always a market for properties. So how – and why – do so many houses go unsold?

Here at Gold Coast Property Advisors, we’ve seen thousands of property stories play out.

We’re grateful to have been involved in achieving many great results for our clients, but we’ve also seen what happens before our clients bring us on board and when property owners go to market without a great team behind them.

The highlights? There’s a lot that can go wrong.

In today’s post, we’re going to do a pretend jump into the future and show you ten ways you could accidentally prevent your house from being sold (in an alternate universe, of course, where you hadn’t found us).


They list their home with a family member or friend that is in the biz.

Or even better – has just got into the biz.

It takes just seven days to complete the online course required to become a real estate agent. And no matter how much you like cousin Billy, you want to give your property the best chance of success, which means choosing an agent based off their experience and merits (not how much you like them).


They list with the agent they bought their house from.

They sold your house to you, so they must be good, right?

This is the kind of logic we hear a lot when we speak to prospective sellers. And while it makes sense that the agent that sold your property would be a good source to sell it again, there’s a lot that could have changed since you bought your property.

You’ll want to ensure that you select an agent that is the best match for you and your property right now.


They list with an agent out of their area.

Maybe you were loyal to an agent outside of your area because they are a friend of a friend or you’ve worked with them before and decided to give them the chance to sell your house.

But choosing an agent that doesn’t have solid experience in your area means missing out on their niche expertise and knowledge – which can prove invaluable!


They list with too many agents.

Why have one agent … when you can have them all, right?

Well, while this rule might apply to dip plate choices (where more is always better!), listing with too many agents means that your selling experience will be disjointed and confusing for potential buyers.

You want them to feel safe and cared for and having too many agents on the property can muddy the waters.


They list with a selling agent that’s priced their property wrong.

Whether the agent buys your listing (by offering ‘free’ marketing and a higher sale price), or simply doesn’t have the valuation experience to value your property properly, you’ll be treading on dangerous ground if you price your property wrong.

Not only will it make it a much more stressful experience for you, but you’ll end up with no offers or no worthy offers.


They use the wrong method of sale.

We touched on this a little in our last post (make sure you re-read this post if you missed it) but choosing the right method of sale for your property can make or break your sales success.

If you decide to sell a unique property via private treaty, you could be leaving money on the table. Whereas if you send a dime a dozen property in the burbs to auction, you could end up serenading sales silence.


They take it to auction with the wrong auctioneer.

Being a successful auctioneer is about more than just the ability to talk quickly. There’s a true art to auctioneering and you’ll need to choose the best auctioneer for your property on auction day so you get the best possible offers and price.


They choose the cheapest agent.

Price is what you pay, but value is what you get. And trust us, when it comes to selling your house, it really doesn’t pay to be tight with the purse strings. You’ll need to weigh up whether saving money short-term is worth losing significant money long-term.


Their building and pest inspections fell over.

As a vendor, if you’re not sure about something in your home it could even pay to get a building and pest done prior to going to market. This way, if anything shows up, it can be disclosed (voiding any negotiations) and the buyer can’t pull out because the property has been priced accordingly.


Their finance fell over.

It takes a good agent to really qualify a buyer and make sure that you’re not signing a contract with a buyer that is set to fail.

Part of this is ensuring that the ‘sold’ sign never goes up until the contract is unconditional, and that potential buyers are still being negotiated with up until there’s an air-tight contract on the table.

A good agent will also always go the extra mile and ensure there is a sunset clause in the contract and get a backup contract signed by other buyers that missed out in the first round just in case their finance does fall over.

Make any one of these decisions and Future You puts your house sale in jeopardy.

Curious what successful Future You looks like? The one that’s made all the right choices and is set up for sales success?

Head on over to find out more about our strategic sales advice and how a sales mentor can help you sell your Gold Coast home.

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