14 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Real Estate in Gold Coast Hinterland Before Selling


One of the trickiest businesses is selling your real estate, especially residential property. You need to consider several factors before you decide to finally sell your luxurious residence in the Gold Coast Hinterland region.

One of these factors is adding value to your home before selling it. Of course, you want to increase the value of your home, but you don’t want to pay a hefty price for it. 

The good thing, there are many low-cost ways to add value to your home before selling it. 

Here are 15 easy and cost-effective ways to add value to properties for sale in Gold Coast Hinterland.

Tip #1: Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most-used sites in a home. After all, it is the place where you prepare food for your friends and family. 

As such, improving it can increase your property’s value. You may add anything you want, including cabinet door handles, lighting fixtures, or a new kitchen faucet.

Tip #2: Clean Your Property

No matter the land size, you can increase your property value by simply cleaning it up. After all, no one wants to encounter garbage and foul odours when they’re looking for a place to live.

Plus, cleaning up your house makes its photos stand out in listings when buyers search for a property alert.

Tip #3: Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your House

You’ll be amazed at how simply repainting your house can make a world of difference to its vibe. Even if you’re competing against new properties, this small but impactful change can improve your real estate’s chances of getting bought.

Repaint your house with white or other light colours to create a larger space. You can also go for natural colours, as they’re easy on the eyes and complement different colours.

Tip #4: Give Your Residential Property a Shine Outside

Pressure wash your house from the outside together with the drives and walkways. Maintain the green and vibrant look of your lawn so people will feel good just by looking at it. 

You may also take advantage of ornamental plants, stone, and new bark for aesthetics. You can further add curb appeal by adding a new mailbox or even a deck if you have the budget.

Tip #5: Fix the Handles

Ensure that your door locks, hinges, and handles are working perfectly. 

When buyers notice that these are not working well, they might focus more on finding out what is wrong in the house. It can decrease the value of the home you’re selling.

Tip #6: Update the Fixtures 

One of the cost-effective ways of adding value to your house is checking and updating the fixtures. 

These fixtures include door handles, cabinet knobs, light fixtures, and kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Tip #7: Install a Water Softener System

Installing a water softener system isn’t a popular home improvement, but it’s one of the most cost-effective things you can do for your home. 

This is especially useful when your home is located in areas with a hard water supply. 

Tip #8: Buy Cost-Effective Smart Home Devices

In today’s digital age, you may attract an increasing number of tech-savvy individuals who are actively looking for a house to purchase. 

Some of the inexpensive smart home devices you can quickly install in your home include smart thermostats and video doorbells.

Tip #9: Keep It Simple, Light, and Clean

You can make your house as simple as possible, but make sure it looks clean and light to your potential buyers. 

Throw or give away your old and ugly furniture and replace them with new ones. Clean your house thoroughly and remove anything that blocks light as much as possible.

Tip #10: Remove a Few Walls to Make your House Look Bigger

Buyers prefer homes with a lot of open space and natural lighting. 

By removing a few walls in your house, you make it look bigger and more spacious, thus attracting more potential buyers. 

Tip #11: Upgrade Your Doors and Windows

Doors are the focal point of your house, emphasising bright and fresh beginnings. Simply replacing your front or garage door can invite a positive vibe within your home.

You can also change your doors if you have the budget. Find one that can reduce noise and help lower your heating and cooling bills.

As for windows, they can help you showcase a beautiful view, especially if your house is situated in scenic spots. You can also add skylights to help brighten up your space.

Tip #12: Focus on Overall Maintenance

Focus on the overall maintenance of your house during any renovations. Make sure that your potential buyers will already feel eager to buy your home even without going inside. 

Ensure that your mailbox isn’t rusty or destroyed and your front door is painted well.

Tip #13: Separate your Living Spaces

If you have a strategy in mind about separating your living spaces to create an accessory unit, you’re already one step ahead of other people who are selling their homes. 

You may also rent and manage a short-term space in your house to help you pay the mortgage.

Tip #14: Stage Your Property

With many buyers lacking imagination, simply decluttering and rearranging the furniture in your house can make a big difference in your property listings.

Doing so can highlight the best features of your real estate for sale. Adding decorative items like paintings, pillows, and curtains will surely bombard your listing with expressions of interest from buyers.

Sell Real Estate in Gold Coast Hinterland

As you can see, you can implement several easy and low-price ways to add value to your real estate sale in Gold Coast Hinterland before selling. 

By doing these things, you’re making your property stand out from the market and let you set a higher asking price.

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