Yet when it comes to buying and selling property, most people aren’t getting the advice they deserve. Whether you’ve just started searching or have been researching the Gold Coast market for months, chances are you’re not getting the full picture of what is possible and achievable in the current market.

With property, as with life, advice isn’t worth taking unless the source is independent,
 honest and interested in your story. 

Our independent property advice guarantees the shortest, sanest route to living the ultimate lifestyle you can afford. Because dreaming is one thing but having the right information to realise a dream is much better.

 Good thing you’re here!

 As independent property advisors we don’t make assumptions about your dream life or your current reality. We’re simply not in the business of selling: we’re in the business of helping people make wise decisions.

 We believe you can have the lifestyle you crave: it all comes down to knowing exactly what you want and getting the right guidance.

We know your time is precious, so we’ll cut right to the chase.


Unlike a Seller’s Agent, who is paid to get the best price for the seller (they’re not evil… just doing their job…), a Buyer’s Agent advocates for the needs of the buyer. Knowing the local market, the real value of a property and the best possible location for you to invest, doesn’t happen after a few walk-throughs (or even a hundred) or even a few years of internet-based property research.

An Independent Buyer’s Agent deals with facts and figures to save you from frustration, unrealistic expectations, fruitless searches and futile negotiations.

What is a Buyers Agent?


So why take our advice?

We spare you the bull and listen to what you want to blaze a new (plus way more direct) trail to your dream property.

If gaining this kind of buyer’s advantage sounds appealing, we offer smart advice based on your unique aspirations.


Our leading Buyer’s Agent, Tony Coughran, is a Certified Practicing Property Valuer who has purchased hundreds of properties on the Gold Coast and valued over 15,000 properties over 15 years in the South East Queensland corridor.

Our team – handpicked by Tony – lives and breathes Gold Coast property from the buyer’s perspective. In an industry that favors sellers, independent real market advice is extremely hard to find. And this is exactly what we offer.


They say that action speaks louder than words...

We couldn't agree more. So here's a sample of our latest adventures and happy clients

It's all in the detail.

It’s the fastest way to find your dream home while keeping your pockets lined (and it’s the most fun). We promise.

For a good old fashioned conversation call us on +61 7 5577 4400.

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Need sales advice?

5,000+ selling agents on the Gold Coast. How do you choose the one that will get the best possible result for your property sale?

Whilst we don’t sell property, as trusted advisors we deal with a large number of selling agents on a daily basis. We know which agents are diligent, successful and professional, and which ones are not. We’ll find you the best agent, manage the sale of your property and guide you through the sale process from start to finish with our sellers advocacy service. 


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