Crossing borders or not, moving house is complicated (take it from someone who’s moved to the house literally next door).

We spend a lot of time helping our clients relocate from southern states, and we haven’t met someone who regrets the move yet BUT we do believe a planned move is a good move - so apart from finding the ultimate family home (we can help you with that) I’ve summarised the top 10 things you should thinking about before you make the decision to move to the Gold Coast.

There’s a good chance this is the reason you thought about moving to the GC in the first place. Keeping in mind what is possible with life’s commitments, think about what type lifestyle you want. How you can support that? 




Consider the price differences in: Housing, basic living expenses – food, gas, electricity, water; transport including fuel, or public transport; education; and things like restaurants, entertainment, and sporting activities.



Where are you going to live? What do you need to be close to? Your ideal house may be close to the beach, but what are the most important things for you to be close to – your workplace? schools? university? hospitals? Maybe, you need somewhere in between. More time commuting has shown to decrease your work satisfaction. Weigh up distance from places you need to be, with places you want to be. If you surf every morning, then maybe a half hour commute is worth the hassle. But if you only want to visit the beach on weekends, maybe a 10 minute tram ride each weekday morning is the better option. Narrow down your priorities.



Where are you going to work? Can you get a transfer? Will your business survive a move interstate and what will the downtime be?



When’s the best time to buy, start the kids at a new school, take time off work to relocate, acclimatise.



House prices aside, how much is it going to cost you to actually do the move? I'm talking about factoring in those other – less obvious – costs.

For example:



- Moving costs such as moving vehicles, flights, petrol or any short term accommodation.
- Purchase costs including stamp duty, solicitors or conveyers, and independent valuers.
- Costs for exiting your current property, such as renovations to ready it for sale, rental cleaners or the real estate agent’s fee.

For buyers who have, or want kids, researching the schools in your new area (or finding a house close to good schools) is incredibly important. This also applies for day care centres, TAFEs and universities. Above all, be clear about what you and your child want out of their education – an emphasis on academics, sports, the arts, pastoral care?



AKA all the paperwork that you’re going to have to do as part of the move, drivers licenses, mail redirection, you get where I’m going with this. Unless you’re planning to smuggle apples into Tasmania, crossing state borders is pretty easy. You might not even notice when you cross the border from NSW to Queensland. However, different states (and councils) have different regulatory systems, including licenses and registrations.Make sure you factor this into how much time you’ve got to move.



Making social and professional connections can take time, even when you’ve lived somewhere before. People change, move away, find relationships, have kids, the list goes on. This is the same for kids, even when they have ready-made networks at school. Be intentional about how you spend your leisure time so that you increase your chances of meeting likeminded people. 



How will moving from your current location affect your family relationships? On the plus side, you may be moving closer and renewing relationships. If you’re moving further away, you may need to think a bit longer term. Are your parents likely to need living assistance in a few years? Will any kids you have, have the opportunity to know cousins and their extended family if you move away?



As property advisors, our aim is not to discourage you from our beautiful city. However, we believe that you should go into a big commitment like moving interstate with eyes wide open. It is a huge effort. But we believe a well-thought out move, from deciding on the perfect property and the best school, down to knowing where to buy the best pastry and flat white, gives everyone in your family the best chance to thrive in their new home.


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