The coast is home to a diverse, yet cohesive community of families and professionals from all walks of life.

You’ll find an emerging mix of artists, creative and design driven minds colliding with the cities business owners and budding entrepreneurs, all drawn to what the Gold Coast lifestyle offers.

Rise early enough and get a glimpse of the ocean dwellers, board in arm enjoying an early morning surf, while many lace up their joggers and get moving in the fresh air before heading to the office or starting their day.

Residents love the low key (but never dull) warm community vibe. And while it seems that everyone has an opinion on the coast’s true cultural cache, the locals prefer not to overthink it.

Instead, you’ll find a refreshingly carefree attitude to “just do your own thing” whether you dig the simple life or pursue luxurious sophistication.

The strength of any community lies in the hands and the hearts of the people who live there.

We believe that there’s something special about every person living in our beautiful city. The young and old, the rich and poor, the go getters and the day dreamers. Those in the clique (whatever that is) and those who don’t care enough to worry about it. The fitness junkies and the party revellers, the bearded surfies and the green smoothie loving hipsters, all living harmoniously side by side.

They share a common bond and are all striving for the same thing as you and I.

Success. Lifestyle. Wellbeing…

A beautiful home in a leafy suburb. An early morning surf before work. Afternoons spent at the beach. Weekends on the water enjoying the fruits of their labour. A place where they belong. Good friends to enjoy life with. The best education they can afford for their children.

They’re living the dream in one of Australia’s most beautiful cities and are a testament to a life that can be simple, carefree, effortless and affordable. You can have it all.



There’s a myth about people who live here.

Firstly, every city in Australia has a prominent stereotype; Melbourne is all about coffee and culture, Sydneysiders are hard work, hard play types and Adelaide is the home of the artsy festival goer.

To the rest of the country, the Gold Coast seems to portray a culture that is fostered through the likes of the meter maid; as if scantily clad women and tanned shirtless men with their muscles bulging are found in ever corner of the coast. But it’s not as prevalent as you think.

Beneath all the hype, there are many layers of social fabric that make up our community and it depends entirely on the circles you roll in.

The majority of locals here are genuine, down to earth people. Apart from being well-educated, cultured and health conscious, you’ll find them to be warm, welcoming and inclusive.

We all aspire to do, be and have great things and we all have the ability to create the life we want. Look around and you’ll find the people here enjoying a life well lived — a better, simpler life.

It’s as if the locals know their home is something special, and so everyone does their bit to keep it that way. Residents here care about the city and the community, so when you’re greeted with a smiling face – relax – take a minute to stop for a chat and connect.  It could be the best thing you do all day.

What are the locals like in your neighbourhood? Tell us what makes this community ‘home’ to you over on our Facebook page.

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